Digits of Pi

Tom Bessoir
USA, 2019 / 3’14

Pi meets Duchamp! Inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s “Anemic Cinema,” the artist set out to create a film composed within a circular frame. This circular composition led directly to using the number pi for the underlying structure. Having the digits of pi sung on the soundtrack is a homage to Einstein on the Beach by Philip Glass and Robert Wilson.

Direction: Tom Bessoir
Script: William Shanks
Animators: Tom Bessoir, Joshua Pines
Editing: Tom Bessoir
Soundtrack: Tom Bessoir (Vocals: Jahna Rain)
Production: Tom Bessoir
Technique used: Computer animation


Tom Bessoir

Nato a New York City nel 1957, Tom Bessoir ha frequentato la Bronx High School of Science e ha studiato Elettrotecnica e Matematica alla Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. Lì, ha studiato Cinema con Robert Breer, Joshua Pines e Sandy Moore. I film sperimentali di Tom Bessoir usano spesso la matematica per esplorare la percezione e la struttura dei film. Nell’ambito artistico, Tom Bessoir è conosciuto per Microfilm (1979), Digits of Pi (2019) e la fotografia documentaria di NYC. 

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