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Dance Courcheval Dance! / Balla Courcheval Balla

Pauline Bricout
France | 2022 | 3’50 International preview v.o. sott. ENG/ITA

In this absurd burlesque parody, the works are the children of contemporary artists who rebel against the system in which they have come to life. A Pythonesque happy ending, a snub to contemporary art. This clip sees Maurizio Cattelan’s banana trying to escape from an imaginary museum. She will then pass in front of some of the most highly rated representatives, until she guides a revolution (of works) of art. The clip is teeming with artistic references, in a parody coupled with a critical look, a scathing reflection on the contemporary art market.

Direction/Animation: Pauline Bricout
Production: Upton Park, EP4

Pauline Bricout

For two years now, she has been collaborating with artists and music labels to image their songs. All these human and artistic encounters have allowed her to develop rich and unique universes. Her credo: generate emotion. Always narrative, surreal and aesthetic, the clips she makes have a recurring central theme: Destiny. Systematically living between confinement and freedom, the protagonists are irremediably drawn to their bittersweet spells.