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Critical Line

Vicente Mallols
Spain | 2020 | 3’31

Nassotis throws a lot of garbage into the sea, but it always comes back, until he is buried in a garbage pile, thanks to a fish which intends to teach him a lesson. A desert island is not always a heavenly place.

Director: Vicente Mallols
Writer: Noelia Martínez, Elena Gobernado
Producer: Paloma Mora
Key Cast: Edu Borja
Music Composer: Vincent Barrière
Storyboard: Mario Domínguez
Animation Manager: Duna Tárrega
Clean Up And Color: Duna Tárrega, Cèlia Pons, Felipe Armando, Raquel Juan
Production Manager: Leticia Montalva
Image Post Production: Vicente Mallols
Sound And Mix Design: José Serrador
Masters: Vicente Ibáñez

Vicente Mallols

Vicente Mallols (Valencia, Spain, 1975) has worked as animator stop-motion on several projects such as the tv series Caracolímpicos (Truca Films, 2000-2002), the feature film Pos Eso (Conflictivos Productions, 2014) or the tv series Clay Kids (Clay Animation, 2014) where he became a director of five episodes. After that, he directed his first short film The Criptozoologist (TV ON 2015). Recently, he has finished his first tv series in stop motion animation The diary of Bita and Cora, 26 episodes of 5 minutes each (TV ON, 2018).