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    Cricket | Grillo

    Natalia Ryss
    Israel | 2023 | 8’00 v.o. sub. ENG/ITA International Preview

    One day, a childless peasant family had a son… a cricket. Expressionistic drama, Requiem-Guignol. Experiment with narrative form, where the role of music, sound, becomes equal to the image, without any priorities.

    Direction, animation, editing, profìduction design: Natalia Ryss
    Sound design: Yuri Priymenko
    Music: Boris Filanovsky
    Production: Dmitry Mosyagin

    Natalia Ryss

    Graduated from Art College in 1988 and art‐graphic faculty of VGIK in 1995 Creates animated shorts as an independent filmmaker and in collaboration with different studios. Preferably works with non-conventional structure of narration, uses expressive editing and mix of art-techniques. Participant of such festivals as Ann Arbor, Hiroshima, Ottawa, Anima Mundi, Anima Belgium, Stop Trik, Monstra, Tricky Women, DOK Leipzig, KROK.