Coward Ghost

Reyhane Kavosh, Ali Raeis
Iran | 2019 | 8’43

A ghost who is scared by everyone is walking alone in the forest when…

Director: Reyhane Kavosh, Ali Raeis
Writer: Noushin Shabani
Producer: Ali Raeis
Illustrator: Atefe Malekijo
Animator: Zahra Safi
Script: Hamze Alirezai
Music: Mahdi Ghashghaei
Sound Mix & design: Mansoureh Honarmand
Dubbing: Vahid Kamali, Maryam Yousefi

Reyhane Kavosh

Ali Raeis

Reyhane Kavosh was born in 1984. She studied Graphic Design at the Conservatory of Fine Arts and continued her studies in the field of Digital arts at the School of Radio and Television. She has directed several works, with the One Thousand & One Tales animation series notably the most important one. This animation series, produced and co-directed by Ali Raeis, started in 2010, and so far more than 80 episodes have been made. Also Wooden Flowers, Crow’s Nest, Persian Cats, Morning, The sun and I’m a Penguin can be mentioned as some of her other works directed by her.

Ali Raeis was born in 1983 in Isfahan. He continued his studies of TV production at the University of Radio and Television and received his Master’s Degree in Dramatic Literature. His interest in the world of animation led him to realise the production of the first animation Wooden Flowers in his student life. The One Thousand & One Tales animation series, also produced and co-directed by him, started in 2010, and so far more than 80 episodes have been made. He is currently working as a producer for IRAN national TV. He also founded and manages his own Art and Cultural Institute, Solh & Salam. His activities in directing and producing film and animation continue.

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