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Carmen Büchner
Romania | 2021 | 6’00 Italian preview No Dialogues

Corona takes you into a surreal world based on encounter and interaction of abstract and dynamically shapes and blend with its mystical surroundings at the same time.

Direction/Animation: Carmen Büchner
Electronics: Robin Rimbaud Scanner
Music: Ensemble Kwartludium
Production: Ind.

Carmen Büchner

Carmen Büchner grew up in Weimar (Germany). She graduated in 2013 at the Filmakademie Ludwigsburg (Germany) as a visual artist. Since then she is working as a creative head for the international film and art industry. Several films and TV credits include her unique artwork, art direction and motion design. Her work contributed to award-winning films and commercials for leading brands. Her background in art and her interest in science characterizes her work. She combines film craft, painting and mixed media techniques for opening new visual spectrum’s.