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Comme un fleuve / Flowing Home

Sandra Desmazieres
France 2020 / 14’25’’ / v.o. sott. ita

Two sisters grow up in Vietnam and are separated by the war between North and South. After the fall of Saigon in 1975, Thao, in her teens, must leave the country with her uncle. Her sister Saoi Maï, only a little older, remains with their parents, hoping they will soon be reunited. But their separation will last nearly 20 years, and the letters they exchange are their only way to connect and relieve their loneliness. Thao and Sao Maï write about their everyday lives, their memories, the war, and its ghosts.

Direction: Sandra Desmazieres
Key Cast: Sara Martins, Linh-Dah Pham
Production: Dora Benousilio, Julie Roy

Sandra Desmazieres