Jorge Sarria de Vicente
Spain | 2020 | 4’55

The life of a child in the Republic of Congo and a President of a Technology company are connected by a material that will change them completely.

Director, Writer, Producer: Jorge Sarria de Vicente
Producer: U-Tad Centro Universitario de Tecnología y Arte Digital
Sound: Julián Ocaña Corrales
Edition: Jorge Sarria de Vicente
Music: Rafael Carrión García
Distribution: Marta Salvador Tato

Jorge Sarria de Vicente

Jorge Sarria de Vicente (Madrid, Spain, 12/19/1994). He studied for a Degree in Animation at the University of Technology and Digital Art (U-TAD), where he began directing his first short film, Colrun, in which there were up to fifty university students involved. He has worked as junior layout artist at B-Water Animation for Treasure Trekkers series, as a preview artist at Morena Films for the movie Historias lamentables by Javier Fesser and as a professor of Digital and 3D Animation Laboratory at the Antonio de Nebrija University. He currently works at B-Water Animation as a mid layout artist, directs a personal project called Zelda Lost Link (a tribute to the videogame saga) and he is working on new film projects. He is also the founder of Animatrópolis, a website with educational videos about animation.

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