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Cherry Bone

Evgenia Gostrer
Germany | 2021 | 17’35 | National preview

Cherry Bone is a documentary animation and tells the story of a Russian-jewish family that immigrates to Germany in the mid-90s. The director of the film starts a conversation with her parents who made the move in their forties and recalls her own version of the past events.

Direction: Evgenia Gostrer
Dramaturgy: Amos Ponger, Johannes Pit Przygodda
Editing and Animation: Evgenia Gostrer
Music: Johannes Pit Przygodda
Sound design: Christian Wittmoser
Production: Ind.

Evgenia Gostrer

Evgenia Gostrer is an animation and documentary filmmaker. She was born in Russia, moved to Germany when she was 15 and studied in Munich, Kassel and Potsdam visual communication and animation directing. Evgenia’s films have been screened at film festivals around the world and received many awards. She lives in Berlin and London. She was 15 when, in 1996, she came to Germany together with her parents as a Jewish “quota refugee” (“Kontingentflüchtling”). It took a long time before she realised that you say cherry stone (“Kirschkern”) rather than cherry bone (“Kirschknochen”). In this autobiographical animated film, the filmmaker reflects on languages, art, family and self-realisation.