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Jasmine Elsen
Belgium, Czech Republic, 2020 / 10’14 / national preview

Roos lives, together with her snails, in a park. Like a small, very well-organized system, a small microcosm. The only threat comes from some birds which like to eat snails. That is, until the arrival of two newcomers. While they fall in love, Roos feels attacked. She withdraws into herself and becomes aggressive to defend her way of life, to the point of hurting others. A film about dehumanization.

Direction: Jasmine Elsen
Script: Jasmine Elsen
Animators: Jasmine Elsen, Annechien Strouven, Gitte Teuwen, Jeroen Ceulebrouck, Martina Svojikova, Martin Smatana
Editing: Jasmine Elsen
Soundtrack: Vahe Grigorjan
Production: Miyu Distribution
Technique used: 2D animation, stop motion


Jasmine Elsen

Jasmine Elsen (1991, Belgium) graduated from RITCS School of Arts, Brussels, with the short animation film Kastaars (2016), which won her the VAF Wildcard at the International Short Film Festival Leuven, a “special mention” at the Animation Film Festival Stuttgart and the Ensor for best Flemish short animation film at the Film Festival of Ostend. During her Erasmus year in VSMU Bratislava, she made the short animation film Half babka (2014), with which she received the Special Distinction Prize at the PISAF Festival and the prize for Best Slovak Film at Anca Fest. After her studies, Jasmine worked as an animator in various studios. She has just finished her new short animation film Carrousel, produced by Animal Tank (Belgium) and BFilm (Czech republic).