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    Damián Alquichire
    Colombia | 2015 | 3’46

    Based on the song “RÍO”, a composition by Santiago Jiménez published on “OÍA Sudáfrica” (2011), the second album of the mysterious colombian band “Benjamin”. CARBOGRAMA is the result of an experiment in which multiple arts converge: music, dance, drawing and video. The starting point is the continual movement of Alejandra Gissler, an improvisation within which her body becomes the means to convey the sensations of every minute. Her movements are recorded by Damián Alquichire and processed instantly, at first as photographs, then as drawings, attempting to reveal the material passing of time- the central theme of the work.

    Direction, Drawings, Animation: Damián Alquichire
    Music: Santiago Jiménez
    Production: Vortex Voltak

    Damián Alquichire

    Damián Alquichire: Painter, Draughtsman and Director. In his personal work, he uses animation as an artistic expression to communicate topics that he is passionate about: the relationship of matter with time, movement, mystery, other dimensions and chaos, among others. Following these personal obsessions, he has produced, directed and animated three short films which have been exhibited at various festivals, museums and galleries around the world.