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    Blank Cartridge | Cartuccia vuota

    Kaveh Sistani
    Iran | 2022 | 5’55 No dialogues

    Waking up from a dream, a soldier decides to replace the bullets in his gun with a blank cartridge to avoid doing what he hates to do. The commander orders his soldiers to fire. The soldiers shoot, but that person who should have been executed is alive! The commander repeatedly orders to fire again, but the soldiers disobey the order. They look at speakers and understand that his commander was a crow.

    Direction, script, animation, editing: Kaveh Sistani
    Production: Ind.

    Kaveh Sistani

    Animator and painter. He won prizes at Tehran International Short Film Festival 2016, Madrid Short of the Year festival autumn 2017, Calgary Giraf Festival 2018 and San Francisco Frozen Film Festival 2018. His final film “Petroleum and Blood” was screened at many festivals such as Hiroshima international animation festival 2018 and received the prize of the best technique at Calgary Giraf Festival 2018 in Canada.