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Gao Lingbo
China | 2019 | 4’35 international premiere

The animated short film Beaver tells the story of animals in the forest working together to fight against floods and control them to protect their homes. In terms of artistic style, the combination of Chinese green landscape and Yuxian paper-cut is used for its creation, while the animation is created in the artistic form of Chinese shadow puppetry.

Director, Writer, Producer: Gao Lingbo

Gao Lingbo

Gao Lingbo studied in Shih Chien University (Taipei) graduating in New Media Visual Arts, and obtained a master’s degree from Northeast Normal University. He participated in the production of many commercial cartoons after graduation, and is now working as a teacher in Jilin animation Institute. He is passionate about Chinese traditional culture and art. He hopes to internationalize Chinese national art and culture in the form of cartoons so that more and more people will be able to understand China and Chinese culture.