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Bad Mood / Malumore

Loris Giuseppe Nese
Italy 2020 / 12’ / v.o. sott. eng

A mother cares for senior citizens in their homes, where the ticking clock counts down the working day, among the frightening sounds of the heavy breathing that increase the fear of emptiness…

Director: Loris Giuseppe Nese
Script: Loris Giuseppe Nese
Editing: Chiara Marotta
Production: Chiara Marotta, Lapazio Film

Loris Giuseppe Nese

Director, writer, cinematographer and animator born in Salerno (Italy). His first short film, Those bad things, received an award at the 75th Venice Film Festival, was in competition at the Sundance Film Festival 2019 and in the short list of Nastri d’Argento. His first feature film is now in production.