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    As a man | Come un uomo

    Soumitra Ranade
    India | 2023 | 5’12 No Dialogues International Preview

    Across the world, violence against women has been unrelenting since time immemorial. The film addresses men who perpetuate this violence, as it seeks to comprehend what goes on in their minds.

    Direction, Script, Animation: Soumitra Ranade
    Art Director: Prafull Velkar
    Animation Director: Mahendra Kawale
    Sound Design: Amit Lad
    Music: Akshay Khot
    Production: Paperboat Design Studios

    Soumitra Ranade

    Alumnus of Sir J.J. School of Arts Mumbai and FTII Pune, Soumitra has been writing, directing, and producing a wide range of animation and live-action projects in feature films, TV serials, documentaries and short experimental genres. His work has been showcased at various prestigious international film festivals and has received numerous awards.