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    Artifacts of you, artifacts of me | Artefatti di te, artefatti di me

    Brecht De Cock
    Belgium | 2022 | 9’00 No Dialogues Italian Preview

    In a reconstruction of his father’s death, the director combines animation, live action and photogrammetry, among other techniques. This intensely personal film deals with the universal topic of loss in a way that shows the power of contemporary artist animation and pushes the medium to its limits.

    Direction, script writing, editing: Brecht De Cock
    DOP: Tuur Oosterlinck
    Sound recording: Brecht De Cock
    Sound Design: Brecht De Cock, Vince De Leenheer, Ismaël Iken (Kiche)
    Music: Ismaël Iken (Kiche)
    Production: Brecht De Cock
    Co-production: LUCA school of Arts, campus St-Lukas

    Brecht De Cock

    Brecht De Cock is a Belgian multimedia artist, animator, video artist and filmmaker. His work hybridizes computer graphics with archival and original footage. De Cock studied at LUCA School of Arts, Sint-Lukas Brussels, where he received both his bachelors and masters degree in Audiovisual Arts, Animation. He is currently studying for a second masters degree in Cultural Studies at the Catholic University of Leuven.