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Arturo and the Seagull

Luca Di Cecca
Italy, 2019 / 5’ / v.o.

Arturo is almost 90 years old. Widowed for a long time, he is used to being alone and he spends his days as a pensioner, without doing anything special: walking, sitting by the sea, pretending to listen to the radio. Then one day he comes across a newspaper advertising cameras and, for a moment, the opportunity to devote himself to a hobby brightens up the life of an old man like him. The seagull which was chosen as the subject, however, seems to have an entirely different idea on the perfect photograph and, what started as a game to deceive the waiting, turns very soon into a small enterprise which has the slow pace of age, but the same urgency of freedom and fantasy as a bird’s flight.

Direction: Luca Di Cecca
Script: Alessandro Izzi
Animators: Nicolas D’Amore
Editing: Umberto Salerni
Soundtrack: Manuel Contreras
Production: Luca Di Cecca
Technique used: 3D computer animation


Luca Di Cecca

Luca works as a 3D artist at Light and Color studio, in Rome. He comes from an architectural, design and history of arts background. He has worked in several animated projects like Buonanotte (short film), Youtopia (feature film), Giù dal Nido (TV animated series) and other commercial videos for Italian companies. Arthur and the Seagull is his first project as producer and director, a full CGI animated movie, made in Blender.