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    Arrivée des trains au 21ème siècle | L’arrivo dei treni nel XXI secolo

    Akari Sōma
    France | 2020 | 1’26 No dialogues

    An attempt to revive the visual surprise that audiences had at the time by bumping a commuter train that had been shown many times since the end of the 18th century and had always arrived at La Ciotat station every time, with a commuter train departing from the nearest station. This film is not only the first in a series of “Ko-Kin-Denju” films aimed at revitalizing cinema through the public domain, but also a tombstone for “Train Arrival at La Ciotat Station” and a signpost for the next era.

    Direction, animation, editing: Akari Sōma
    Production: Blinking Factory

    Akari Sōma

    Around 2014, he started shooting experimental images with a camera given to him by a friend. In 2018, his first directorial work “PAKKKKKKKIS” was screened at the “Tokyo Documentary Film Festival”. While ordinary movies are made on the premise of being “Watched” and consumed on the spot, he aims to make films that can be ruminated on the premise of “Watching”. After the state of emergency was declared, he began to search for a “New Video Format” in the Internet environment. His low-budget pre-collage film “DRAGON EGG” won a special prize at the “Video Poem Competition of La Factorie 2023” and received international acclaim. In recent years, he has presided over “Film Cell,” the smallest film festival by one director for one audience, rethinking the conditions under which films are made.