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    Slobodan Tomić
    Croazia | 2023 | 7’25 No Dialogues European Preview

    The protagonist entangles in a world of simultaneous events. He experiences humanity’s fears and sufferings. The accent is on continuous metamorphoses and atmosphere of anxiety. Ultimately, he assumes the identity of Aleph.

    Direction: Slobodan Tomić
    Script: Slobodan Tomić
    Animation: Slobodan Tomić
    Sound design: Jan Tomić
    Production: Zagreb Film

    Slobodan Tomić

    He works as an Associate Professor at the Arts Academy in Split. Tomić is engaged in an experimental approach to printmaking, animation and new media. Since 2007, he has performed continuously at numerous film and video festivals at home and abroad. His films have been screened at over 90 national and international film festivals and screenings. He has won numerous awards for graphics and short films at home and abroad.