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Abstract Animated Diaries #01 / Diari Animati Astratti #01

Diego Ake
Brasil | 2021 | 0’42 no dialogues

A free animated experiment in the form of a living digital notebook. Abstract everyday life, concrete movements.

Direction/Animation: Diego Akel
Production: Diego Akel, Virna Paz

Diego Akel

Diego Akel has been working since 2002 with fine arts, photography and animation as creative producer, director, animator, curator and workshop instructor. Akel is a leading figure in the brazilian animation scene, and his work in the experimental branch is internationally recognized as a reference in the area, with workshops given in South America and Europe, having his films cited in sites such as Colossal, Cartoon Brew, Hypeness and specialized Brazilian publications such as the Filme Cultura magazine. In 2019 he was interviewed for the book “Experimental Animation – from analogue to digital”, by Miriam Harris, Lilly Husbands and Paul Taberham, by Routledge. Today he is researching animation as a spontaneous form of artistic creation using mobile devices, blending cutting-edge technologies with artisanal approaches. His first documentary, “Bizarre Áudios” (2022) blends experimental animation film with found and archival footage and real recorded audios