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A Thousand Things / Migliaia di cose

Caroline Caza
Canada | 2022 | 3’01 Italian preview No dialogues

One thought leads to another but a thousand things lead to no thought.

Direction/Animation: Caroline Caza
Production: Ind.

Caroline Caza

Caroline is both an animation artist and a teacher. She was born in rural Saint-Anicet and tried to adapt to the urbanity of Montreal for many years. Finally, she returned to the Huntingdon area where she reconnected with nature. Over the years, her eclectic career choices have contributed to her own path in animation, that of following her instincts and listening to the multiple “voices” that inhabit her. While she intends to continue exploring the diversity of mediums and styles in animation, she confesses a penchant for short films that are totally exploded, abstract or meaningless. Today, she has a dozen short films to her credit that have been presented at various festivals around the world.