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    A nap in fluoroscopy buses | Un pisolino nei bus di fluoroscopia

    Lei Lei
    China | 2022 | 6’45 No Dialogues Italian Preview

    It uses symbolism to compare a closed system to a bus, and depicts a society in alienation and surveillance from a microscopic perspective. A fluoroscopy bus carries the crowd from the centre to the edge of the city. In the fixed and crowded carriage, some people just boarding the bus collide with each other, and some people are taking a nap at the seat.

    Direction: Lei Lei
    Production: Ind.

    Lei Lei

    Her first film has been selected and screened at many international film festivals including Annecy, ASFF, and Raindance, and awarded The Best Animation Film at Porto Femme International Film Festival, China Independent Animation Forum Special Award. Her work was collected in the China Contemporary Animation Archives.