A Mãe de Sangue (A Mind Sang)

Vier Nevz
Portugal, 2019 / 6’11

In the last moments before childbirth, a mother imagines how similar her life and her child’s life will be. A film that explores the limits of simultaneous storytelling, in which every frame has two simultaneous meanings.

Direction: Vier Nev
Script: Vier Nev
Animators: Vier Nev
Editing: Vier Nev 
Soundtrack: Yanis El-Masri, Guilherm Correia, Francisca Dores, Henrik Ferrara, Miguel Serrão
Production: Vier Nev
Technique used: 2D digital animation and 3D animated references


Vier Nev

Vier Nev is a Portuguese multidisciplinary artist. Vier studied Multimedia at Escola Superior de Artes e Design and Virtual Reality at The London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. Vier uses perspective, framing and negative space in order to paint images with multiple visual interpretations. Vier is interested in creating experiences that challenge the viewers’ perception and explore the artistic potential of emerging technologies.  Their latest projects include the AR exhibition A Terra é Tela, the virtual reality experience Dar Cria and the short film A Mind Sang

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