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7 Themes for the Peri-Urban Landscape in Umbria

Giada Fuccelli
Italy | 2021 | 2’21 | International preview

This is an exploration of the Umbrian landscape that is both dreamlike and tangible reality, in a region that has been defined as the “green heart of Italy”, but which conceals like other Italian landscapes, its own contradictions and ambiguity. Here we are in Umbria, in the middle of the Italian peninsula, and a child is running swiftly through a luscious green landscape, with a strip of blue sky overhead. While running the child suddenly takes flight and acquires a bird’s eye view, giving us the opportunity to observe the Umbrian landscape from above. The child who is now an adult will always try to return to nature, becoming themselves, a unique and intrinsic part of the landscape.

Direction: Giada Fuccelli
Editing and Animation: Giada Fuccelli
Music and sound design: Andrea Rellini
Art Director: Mariella Carbone
Production: Regione Umbria e Scuola umbra di amministrazione pubblica per progetto Urban Links 2 Landscape (programma Interreg Europe 2020) e PSR per l’Umbria 2014/2020

Giada Fuccelli

Giada Fuccelli is an Umbrian illustrator and animator (Terni, 1983) based in Bologna. She’s graduated from the ISIA of Urbino in Design for Publishing after an Erasmus semester at the EnsAD in Paris (École des Arts Décoratifs) and since 2016 she has been working as a freelance illustrator for institutional partners, for publishing, advertising, the television. He has created animated shorts for the Umbria Region, the Emilia Romagna Region (department of equal opportunities) and for LaEffe TV (television channel of the Feltrinelli group, visible on SKY). By winning some calls and competitions, he was able to collaborate with MUSE (Trento Science Museum), The FLR – The Florentine Literary Review, the Manifesta12 Palermo Art Biennale, and Asolo Art Film Festival. It is particularly active in the cultural sphere, in dance and in theater, creating identity images and animations for the communication of independent festivals and shows (Terni Festival, Teatro dei 25, Teatro Nucleo, NYC Town Hall). She loves working with dance and animation.