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59 seconds

Mauro Carraro / Switzerland, France 2018 / 15’50 / vo

The love story between Bruno and Tiziana was is turned upside down by the 59 seconds that wrote one of the most tragic pages of Italy’s history: the earthquake that devastated Friuli in May 1976.

Direction: Mauro Carraro
Script: Mauro Carraro
Animators: Thomas Caudron, Lucas Morandi, Jerome Metraux, Cyril Drevon, Arnaud Ducor, Florian Durand
Editing: Mauro Carraro, Zoltan Horvath
Soundtrack: Etienne Curchod, Martin Tetreault, Drupi, Mina
Production: Nadasdy Film
Technique used: 2D/3D computer

Mauro Carraro
He is an Italian animator and director. He studied printmaking, photography and graphics at the Milan Polytechnic. He graduated in animation in France from Supinfocom in Arles where he made the short films Muzorama (2009) and Matatoro (2011). He currently lives in Switzerland. He works at Nadasdy film studio where he made his subsequent animated short films Hasta Santiago (2013) and Aubade (2014).