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Lucija Oroz
Croatia | 2021 | 4’50 no dialogues

Fear is part of our identity, it is our everyday life and we experience it in different ways. We grow up with it, and over time we overcome or suppress it. However, it is always present, transforms itself into something else, follows our steps, and enters our dreams. It is said that fear has big eyes, they grow where we meet the unknown and then, to some aspects of reality, such as time, we give unrealistic proportions. Only when the fear is overcome, the eyes shrink and the picture becomes clearer.

Direction, Screenplay, Editing, Animation: Lucija Oroz
Sound design, Music: Linda Uran
Production: Akademija likovnih umjetnosti (Academy of Fine Arts) Zagreb

Lucija Oroz

Born in 1992 in Zagreb, in 2020 she completed her master’s degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, with an animated film called “”45″”. Her first animated film from the undergraduate studio “”A Grandpa, a Kitten and Springtime”” was shown at festivals in Croatia, Greece, Slovenia and California. During his studies, she exhibits her works in several group exhibitions, participates in various European and domestic projects, including leading of her own international project EU “”In the footsteps of our ancestors”” (Erasmus + bilateral exchange). She participates in various workshops, and in 2019 she led a workshop “”Stop-motion”” animation as part of the game fair in the Post Office, Germany. At the moment she work as an animator in gaming industry.