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    Damián Alquichire
    Colombia | 2016 | 5’35

    Beasts wander aimlessly through a triangled dimension. 333 is the result of an experiment in which multiple arts converge: drawing, animation, video and music. The process of creation was of a cyclic nature: draw, take a photo of the drawing, erase and draw again. A meticulous image and sound work among a structure in which it all started with the end. Information

    Direction, Drawings, Animation, Music: Damián Alquichire
    Production: Vortex Voltak

    Damián Alquichire

    Damián Alquichire: Painter, Draughtsman and Director. In his personal work, he uses animation as an artistic expression to communicate topics that he is passionate about: the relationship of matter with time, movement, mystery, other dimensions and chaos, among others. Following these personal obsessions, he has produced, directed and animated three short films which have been exhibited at various festivals, museums and galleries around the world.