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Tomasz Wolski
Poland | 2021 | 70’00 v.o. sott. ITA
In 1970, protests broke out in several coastal cities in Communist Poland. Workers went on strikes to object to price increases. Growing numbers of protesters walked out onto the streets. As the situation became tense, a crisis team gathered in the capital. With the help of animations combined with telephone recordings, we can peek behind the closed doors of dignitaries’ offices. Hundreds of cigarettes are smoked. Conversations get cut off. Strategies to break up protesters and future repressions are planned. Propaganda activities are thought up. However, the protests get out of control.

Direction/Script/ Editing: Tomasz Wolski
Animation: Robert Sowa
Sound: Marcin Lenarczyk
Music: Bartłomiej Tyciński, DJ Lenar
Production: Kijora Film
Co-Production: Polish Television, Institute of National Remembrance
Sottotitolaggio in collaborazione con: Alpe Adria – Trieste Film Festival
Distribution: Square Eyes

Tomasz Wolski

Film director, editor and scriptwriter, Tomasz Wolski was born in 1977, in Gdynia, Poland. He is a graduate from the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing. Wolski is a member of Guild of Polish Documentary Directors, Polish Film Academy and European Film Academy (EFA). His documentary An Ordinary Country (2020) was presented last year at the Trieste FF. 1970 was successfully presented at many international festivals, including Krakow, Jihlava and IDFA in Amsterdam.