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    1 MTH/MIN | 1 MT/MIN

    Ethann Néon
    Belgium | 2021 | 3’45 No dialogues

    1 MTH/MIN crosses the spring of 2020 from the author’s main view of the outside world during this particular period. Each image represents a 24-hour scan taken every day from March 21 to June 21. Through the frame of a window, the landscape depicts natural phenomena: the flowering of trees, changes in the weather and the extension of daylight until the summer solstice… It is a reflection on space-time in a cinematographic form.

    Direction, DOP: Ethann Néon
    Editing: Anton Henne
    Sound Design: Anton Henne
    Mix: Frédéric Furnelle
    Music: Igor Stravinsky
    Production: Play on Pause

    Ethann Néon

    Ethann Néon is a Belgian director. He studied animation cinema in Brussels and obtained a master’s degree in Plastic, Visual and Space Arts. He makes experimental films around the notion of space-time in a cinematographic form. His current practice focuses on the processes of visual reconstruction of time and the division of space within the framework of the screen. The aesthetics of his films is characterised by elaborated splitscreens that play with the frame and the off-camera.